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By Abby, Apr 19 2016 06:00AM

Thought you'd like to see this quick video from Sort Your Sport's sponsored athlete Jamie Bedwell.

Jamie receives sports massage and advice from Abby Pulham as part of our sponsorship deal to support his ambitions as a junior triathlete.

In return we are proud to have our logo featured on Jamie's tri-suit together with his fellow sponsors, Propel Bikes, TR Fastenings, The Lodge Dental Practice and Seymour Clearly Window Cleaners.

Jamie Bedwell in his triathlon suit with sponsor's logos (Image: Ron Hill)
Jamie Bedwell in his triathlon suit with sponsor's logos (Image: Ron Hill)

By Abby, Apr 10 2016 12:00PM

I am really pleased that we are now sponsoring Jamie Bedwell, an aspiring 17-year-old triathlete from Uckfield.

Jamie is aiming for selection for the Olympic Games in the next ten years and currently trains around 20 hours a week (typically clocking up over 9.5km swimming, 150km cycling and 40km running) all while studying for his A Levels at Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne.

Abby says of Jamie: "Jamie shows dedication to his future and his sport that I really admire, and I'm delighted that I can support his training and events programme for 2016 with sports massage and advice."

Jamie says: "I love what I am doing and I am 100% committed to achieving my ambition of representing my country as a triathlete and am hugely grateful to Sort Your Sport and my other sponsors for all their support and enabling me to follow my dream.”

Jamie is currently racing for Great Britain in the British Super Series, a group of races that take place all over the UK and hopes to represent Great Britain in the European and World Championships.

You can follow his steps to achieve his sporting goals on Jamie's Facebook page and Jamie's Twitter feed.

By Abby, Apr 8 2016 08:36PM

This is a truly great simple article that explains the benefits behind sports massage.

It is written for runners but applies to anyone who is putting their body to the test, through sport or work or physical hobbies.

Thanks to Runner's World for sharing this article about the Pros and Cons of Massage for Runners.

I personally believe their are a LOT of positives in regular sports massage for healthy body and mind! What are your thoughts?

By Abby, Mar 25 2016 11:00AM

We were pleased to be invited along by Jamie to Propel Bikes in Uckfield, where he received a state of the art new bike. Generous sponsors Propel have heavily subsidised Jamie's new Merida carbon framed bike.

The sun shone for the handover, which left us all squinting into the sunlight for the photos.

You can hear some snippets of Jamie's interview with local radio station Uckfield FM here.

Jamie with Abby Pulham of Sort Your Sport and co-sponsors (Image: Ron Hill)
Jamie with Abby Pulham of Sort Your Sport and co-sponsors (Image: Ron Hill)

By Abby, May 23 2012 08:00AM

Ross Skilton, one of Meridian Sports Therapy's recommended practitioners, is a qualified osteopath and owner of South Downs Osteopathy in Brighton & Hove.

Ross has written an article about how to improve your bike set up to make your riding position more comfortable and avoid injury and back pain. You can read the full article and get a Free Download by clicking here and visiting South Downs Osteopathy's website.