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Sort Your Sport, Honeys Green Osteopathic Clinic, Heathfield / Lewes Road, Halland TN22 5RE

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Clinic based sports and remedial massage for performance, injury, pain or stress in East Sussex

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We firmly believe that professional treatment for the body shouldn't be something that only elite and professional athletes can benefit from. That's why we offer a friendly, professional sports therapy service to anyone who wants to improve their body's performance and function or be pain free and feeling human again.

Recover more quickly

Heal injury, remove pain & reduce stress

Sports therapy including massage techniques will improve the range of motion of joints, increase muscle flexibility and enhance muscle strength.  Scar tissue can be broken down and healing of soft tissue at injury sites accelerated by regular and effective sports therapy.


Your treatment will also include effective post-care advice to maximise the effect of your treatment in your daily life and during your training.  Your treatment is designed for you as an individual to get you to fully recovered as quickly as possible.

Sports therapy is also extremely effective in treating common ailments suffered by non-sporting individuals. Pain caused by sitting at a desk, driving a car, stress in the workplace or simply from bad posture are all helped by sports therapy.


Low back pain, frozen shoulder, neck stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI), hip and knee pain can all be helped by regular treatment at Sort Your Sport.

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Improve your performance

Sports therapy is a fantastic way for everyone to optimise their performance. Sports therapy can ensure that that little niggle doesn't turn into a serious injury that takes you out of competition. Whatever your discipline and however seriously you take it, adding sports therapy to your training programme can seriously improve your performance.